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GRAZEit offers a Free Retention Tool for publishers.
Engage your users beyond the boundaries of your website!

Create a branded Snippet, and display your content in the users' browser - anytime, anywhere you decide! Learn more


Customize your snippet

Choose your community's interests, brand your snippet with your logo and colors.


Publish to your community

Use our pre-designed landing pages to promote your snippet to your visitors.


Communicate freely

While your users enjoy content suggestions, you have an open channel to push them messages.

What is the Snippet?

This snippet is a small window, attached to the corner of your users' browser, that displays relevant content, while browsing.

Customize your snippet with your brand name, logo and color.

They use GRAZEit

  • Ariel Kirtchuk Ariel Kirtchuk CoFounder -

    "Having my brand, and my community's posts available to my users, on their browser, at all time - is just spectacular!"

  • Eyal Barad Eyal Barad Owner -

    "The Snippet is the best way to notify my users of new hot deals. I just alert there's a new last minute deal, and everyone clicks-in back to Travelmania. That's great!"

  • Yochai Corem Yochai Corem Founder -

    "GRAZEit helps me provide my users with relevant travel info from a wide range of sources - wherever they browse, and whatever interests them."

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